Bingo Gameroom Help

Bingo Gameroom organizes your Bingo simulation programs from It checks for Updates and new Releases automatically, and can download and install them. Scroll through your collection and start any installed Bingo table.

Very first start of Bingo Gameroom

The very first time Bingo Gameroom is started, or after Preferences reset, an internet connection is required. If there is no internet connection the program will give a warning and stop, because it needs initial information from the server about models and software versions.

Daily operation of Bingo Gameroom

For further daily operation an internet connection is preferred, however not required. If sometimes there is no internet connection, no information about Updates and new Releases will be received, but you can still play Bingo tables that exist on your computer.

Downloading Updates and new Releases

If a thumb shows a checkbox, check this checkbox for tables you want to install, download or update. After selecting, press button Start Update/Download in the upper left corner.

Downloading Updates and new Releases takes place in the background. There is no need to wait for downloads to finish, you can use BingoGameroom to start a table even when downloads are in progress.

Note: There is a limit (25 tables) on daily downloads. This affects only new releases, updates have no limit. If you reach the daily limit, come back the next day (24 hours later to be exact).

In case of trouble

If you experience any problem, the first thing you should try is restart the program with key Shift down and answer Yes if a dialog pops up. Bingo Gameroom will start with new, default Preferences (internet connection is required).
If that didn’t help, maybe you discovered a bug. Please select Report bug / Feedback from the Help menu to send us a message. This kind of help is much appreciated!